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Gumbo goddess
Gumbo Goddess


Gumbo Goddess was born in Louisiana and raised by parents who loved to entertain their friends with delicious food and cocktails.  She has a bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in journalism as well as an M.L.I.S. from LSU.  Gumbo Goddess and her husband, the Loup Garou (who also has a family tradition of entertaining and delicious meals) are continuing the tradition and cook often for friends and family.

Gumbo goddess LOVES to photograph beautiful food and cocktails and will post many photographs on her blog.  Please don’t use her photographs without asking.  It’s RUDE!

Currently, Gumbo Goddess resides in Baton Rouge with the Loup Garou, three children, two cats, a Labrador retriever and several fish.




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