Olive Oil Biscuits

Staying warm with Olive Oil Biscuits

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Last weekend I attended FoodBlogSouth 2014 with my friend, Helana Brigman of Clearly Delicious (also known as Dances with Lobsters.) One of the vendors who provided samples in our swag bags was California Olive Ranch.  California Olive Ranch also had a display table where they provided samples of their Gold Medal line.  In addition they were providing samples of Olive Oil Biscuits.  The recipe for the biscuits was provided by Season 1 Winner of Master Chef, Whitney Miller.  Although I had eaten a Southern Living biscuit that had been passed around at breakfast, I simply had to try one of the Olive Oil Biscuits with some fig jam.  As I was spreading the jam on top of my biscuit I noticed that recipe cards were provided so I grabbed one.  I knew that with the crusty outside and moist inside, I just had to have that biscuit again.

I returned home to a dismal weather forecast.  In case you aren’t paying attention, or reading this post long after I have set it loose on the Internet, Louisiana is currently having record cold weather.  Schools have been shut down in Baton Rouge for two days now and we were promised lots of sneaux.  We got feaux.  It sleeted most of the afternoon yesterday and the roads are covered with ice but I saw not one real snow flurry.

Several years ago my sister moved from Louisiana to Canada.  After her first Canadian winter experience she observed that Canada is better at heating structures than is Louisiana.  I can’t argue with her, as Louisiana just doesn’t have to deal with cold as much as Canada.

Regardless of the central heating situation in my house, I know that baking will warm my kitchen.  Since the kitchen is the center of the house, after it is warm, I don’t usually hear complaints.  When I awoke yesterday morning I knew immediately that Olive Oil Biscuits were the order.  The recipe card said that the recipe makes seven biscuits but I was able to make eight.  They’re baked in a cast iron skillet and that skillet holds seven biscuits so I had to bake one in a separate pan.  If you don’t have a 9-inch cast iron skillet, get one.  I use mine every day!

Not only were the biscuits easy to make, but the aroma of baking biscuits was strong enough to awaken my sixteen year-old daughter and beckon her to the kitchen from her warm bed.

The recipe may be found on Whitney Miller’s blog.  She has altered her grandmother’s biscuit recipe to include olive oil.  The recipe on her blog varies slightly from the recipe card.  On the card she directs the baker to press the dough into a circle and cut into 7 rounds.   She cautions that one should not overcook the biscuits and suggests that when the biscuits are done, if the tops are still pale the broiler should be used to brown the top of the biscuits.

This morning my daughter wanted more of the yummy biscuits we had yesterday.  I think this may become a habit.



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